Volume I, Issue 1

Control Pak News

What's New in Control Pak:
CPI has 9 new developments over the past eight months!  These enhancements and new products integrate with the existing EM Solutions Series Direct Digital Controllers in a seamless evolution to extend User features into entirely new mediums such as the Internet.  The developments are defined below in the order in which they occurred, you may click on the hyperlinks to gain more information and all are available for purchase:

1. ManagePak™ Engineering Workstation host software for Windows ™ (Mpak EW for Windows): Graphical Scheduling Client (GS Client),

2. Mpak EW for Windows:  Copy Protection and Feature updates for the Server, Graphical Editing Client (GE Client), Alarm Log Client (AL Client), Trend Log Client (TL Client), and GS Client,

3. ManagePak Engineering Workstation for DOS version 3.0N,

4. EM Solutions firmware version 8.1,

5. Mpak EW for Windows: GE Client Enhanced Graphical development features,

6. Mpak EW for Windows: Server Enhancements,

7. Mpak EW for Windows: Web Override Client (WO Client),

8. Mpak EW for Windows: Web Server Client (WS Client),

9. EM Solutions Series Terminal Unit Controller for Unit Ventilators (SST 13-UV)

Inside this issue:

Benefits of Upgrading & Enhancing Existing BAS:

When one considers the substantial value that the CPI products have provided over their many years in continuous on-line service, it is easy to justify the decision to enhance the controllers with the hardware upgrade kits and to add the ManagePak™ EW host software for Windows™ to gain all current performance features. 

Enterprise level operations benefit from a comprehensive approach to Building Automation Systems operation which protects their earlier investment in hardware, wiring, application engineering, field interface devices, and Training.  The fact that CPI products are supported in an on-going fashion (a trait unique to CPI) insures that the products always remain current in technology.