Control Pak News

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 5

EM Solutions firmware version 8.1

1. Enables Mpak EW DOS 3.0N to assemble Application Engineering for the new Unit Type

2. Thus automating the implementation of the eight (80) character Trend/Alarm Log Headers

GE Client Enhanced Graphical development features

  1. "Snap To" Grid for horizontal and vertical alignment of display Object drag and drop placement
2. Auto sizing of Object Labels
3. Auto sizing of Object Values (to include Engineering Units)
4. Auto placement orientation of Label relationship to Object value (top/left/below/right)
5. Graphic display "lock"  feature saves objects in their fixed positions prohibiting changes until

Unlocked and enables one button hyper linking to other pages (without holding shift)
6. Password option, one would need to enter the correct Project based password to be able to save any modifications at all,
7. Sound byte option for Alarm/Warning/Normal Threshold values
8. Delete a Project, added: "Are you sure?" (Yes/No to execute),

Alarm Log Client

Server Enhancements

"Administration database for set-up and evolving of tenant  access/assignment/Area grouping/invoicing management (via the Web)."

  1. Enhanced Alarm Log Client to add selectable Sound Wave File selection and generation in response to unacknowledged Alarm being received and whenever the selected

Alarm Reminder time interval has been exceeded (until all Alarm Logs are Acknowledged),
2. Server Version 4.4.8 eliminates the EM TE Window CLOSE function

Web Override Client (WO Client)

1. This product enables occupants of
   the space to control their own lights
   and temperature, etc. via Web
2. Enhancement to the Occupant
   Override Client which provides Tele-
   phone/Touch screen to add the Web
   Page based Timeclock and Zone
   Overrides grouped into "Areas"
   which command multiple TC/ZN's
   from multiple units.
3. Custom control actions via User
   Functions (UFs) which allows control
   in multiple units via one action.

4. Administration database module for
  set-up and evolving of tenant feature
  access/assignment/Area grouping/
  invoicing management
5. In addition, Administrator level peo
  ple can:
  a. execute UFs to cause custom actions, reports, etc. to occur
  b. can generate custom Log reports of Override Commands
  c. and invoices for extended tenant energy usage billing.