Control Pak News

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 4

New Developments at Control Pak:

Graphical Scheduling Client (GS Client)

1. Graphical edit Daily Schedules via time/set point drag and click methods to define a combination Zone (Heat/Cool Set points with pre-heat/pre-cool Time Optimizer option) and Time Clock (independent ON/OFF times).  Thus, both Zones (ZNs) AND Time Clocks (TCs) can be assigned to the same schedule. 
2. These Schedules are applied to a "Calendar" Month which may have  many different Daily Schedules.
3.  Months can be drag and dropped on other Months to form a Calendar Year, then to form multiple years in advance commands of use of areas within a building, a complex, or group of remote buildings,
4.  ZNs and TCs from multiple Units can be dragged and dropped to the same "Calendar" so they all can be scheduled as one entry,
5.  "Seven days at a glance" function to view the commands of a sliding

window of seven scheduled days of a given "Calendar",
6. Central Override of holidays (like a "snow day"/Chiller failure) to cause a whole building, campus, or group of remote buildings to go into holiday mode via one command,
7. Easy application of unique holiday schedule for each calendar
8. Update All or Select Unit Schedules enables one to command thousand of changes via one keystroke or completely update any given Unit
9. Alarms at data entry if illogical or omitted entries exist
10. Records all schedule changes
11. Alarms if error in updating sched-
     ules to Controllers
12. Allows one to change schedules
     as often as one wishes because it
     is easy to maintain tight schedules,
     thus saving $10,000 to $80,000 per
     year (the more zones, the more

Graphical Scheduling Client

"Can change schedules as often as one wishes because it is easy to maintain tight schedules, thus saving $10,000 to $80,000 per year (the more zones, the more savings)."

Copy Protection and Feature updates for the Server, Graphical Editing Client (GE Client), Alarm Log Client (AL Client) Trend Log Client (TL Client), and GS Client

  1. Added Copy Protection Adapter in lieu of "Password of the Day" method

  1. Server enables on-line editing of the EXISTING EVENTS of TC and ZN Objects

ManagePak Engineering Workstation for DOS version 3.0N

1. Added interval to network object worksheet.
2. Corrected disassembly unit type recognition for unit 2.
3. Expanded trend log title field to 80 characters.
4. utility file TLDBUPDT.EXE to modify trend log database file for long trend title.

5. Modified assembly/disassembly to handle long trend title.
6. Added New database file TL_OBJ3.DBF is created for this version's use
7. all existing trend worksheets are copied to this new file
8. The existing file is left unmodified in the emdata directory.

ManagePak Engineering Workstation Host Software