Control Pak News

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 6

Web Server Client (WS Client)

1. enables one to view real-time graphic screens via Web Pages as a thin client via an Internet Browser accessible anywhere via the Internet
2. Display real time values, Objects Labels and Engineering units from GE Client based set-up method and html conversion
3. hyper linking to other graphics,
4. overriding any object using a Web form,
5. viewing any schedule of Time Clocks and Zone Objects,
6. editing any schedule of Time Clock or Zone Objects,
7. Alarm Logs via E-mails,
8. Security via the Web (using Server

Security method and convention and database)
9. Existing Mpak EW for Windows Server Security Access (User/Password/Functions authorized) used for change of state requests (Overrides and TC/ZN Schedule modifications PRIOR to execution of commands), 
10. Copy Protection of WSC Software on PC which serves up the web pages so Operators with remote Thin Client Browsers do not need copy protection
11. Near term addition of Trend Log Client features for custom reports and charts

Web Server Client

EM Solutions Terminal Unit Controller (TUC) for Unit Ventilators

"New TUC, first in series of seven different versions as extensions to the EM Solutions Series Direct Digital Controllers."

1. new TUC is first in series of seven different versions as extensions to the EM Solutions Series Direct Digital Controllers on the same Local Area Network (LAN)
2. definable operating parameter programming software provides unique control decisions achieved through a simple and powerful data entry process,

3. integrated Central Processing Unit (CPU),
4. externally accessible RJ-11 style RS-232 port for PC Host communications,

5. integrated velocity pressure transducer (on near term Variable Air Volume model),
6. Input/Output (I/O) components, 
7. I/O termination strips,
8. EM Solutions Series Local Area Network (LAN) connection,
9. Ten (10) element LED Display for LAN data traffic and Digital Input/Output status indication,
10. ON/OFF power jumper,
11. and 24 VAC Input Power Supply.

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