Control Pak News

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 3

  1. *Version 3 CPU identification for host software features
  2. Increased CPU ROM speed
  3. *Additional Objects for SSTs

16. Network Object interval selection
enables lower priority objects to be
updated less frequently to enhance
overall LAN performance.
17. Field Troubleshooting diagnostics
via CPU terminals for signal voltage confirmation and LEDs for LAN communications.

18. EM Solutions Small Controllers'
Digital Outputs are optically isolated triac outputs and have hand/auto/off switches on the I/O boards.

19. Communicates directly with and
enables the Controller to coordinate all Timeclock, Zone, Trend/Alarm Log and Graphical Display throughput functions of the future EM Solutions Series *Terminal Unit Controllers for VAV Box, Fan Coil, Heat pump, Unit Ventilator, and Rooftop Units.

20. Upgrade kits are available to
achieve above EM Solutions Series
features for all models of Control Pak Corporation and Control Pak International previously manufactured Direct Digital Controllers to include the:
  1. EM Series,
  2. Barber Colman Network Supervisor,
c. EM Turbo Series, and
d. Earlier EM Solutions™ Series

Upgrades assure Owners that their

products will never be outdated and
new features will be supported in an
ongoing fashion. 

  1. Using the ManagePak EW DOS
software, even the original Application Engineering (controller's assignment decisions that represent its RAM configuration) can be uploaded and disassembled to populate the Object Worksheets for modifications or Enhancements.  The saved worksheets can be assembled and the resulting file downloaded into the controller after the hardware kit update has occurred thereby reusing the
original Application Engineering and subsequent improvements. 

  1. In the near future, Mpak EW
Windows will offer the *Engineering Workstation Client (EW Client) for this purpose. 

23. EM Solutions Series Upgrade kits
also reuse all existing wiring so the
upgrading occurs in a couple hours
thereby minimizing disruption to the
operations and  the control drawings
are still accurate. 

24. The net result of upgrading is a
state of the art evolution at a fraction of the cost of replacing the controller.  Most importantly, End Users can control the final results as their staff is already trained on the Control Pak International Object Oriented Programming method.

EM Solutions Series 13/29 Controller

"Owners are assured that their products will never be outdated and new features will be supported in an ongoing fashion."

To view all of the CPI Products and gain .pdf versions of our Technical Cutsheets:

EM Solutions Series Blank Front Controller